Be it performing, literary or creative arts, we'll be all over it. We both play at least three instruments each and participate in various orchestras. Creative arts-wise, we love to paint, draw and take photos. Going to the theatre, ballets and operas are something we look forward to every chance we get.



We spend the majority of our time in London so it kind of makes sense to have a dedicated category for this special city. This page includes restaurant, gallery recommendations and places we shoot our outfit photos.



Styling outfits is something we love to do. Our styles differ but somehow they end up complementing each other. 





We also spend quite a bit of time in Seoul with our family during breaks from uni. This category's main star is Seoul Series where we round up our favourite places every time we visit Seoul.


Travelling has always been a HUGE part of our lives since we were very little. We were born in the States and have lived in Seoul and London since. We have a serious case of wanderlust and always talk about our next adventure together.