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Seoul Series #2

Seoul Series #2


It's time for another Seoul Series! We've definitely missed out a couple of our old favourites in the previous blog post so thought should do a quick follow up to include our neglected favourites.


Bad Farmers


First up is Bad Farmers. I have no idea why this place is called "bad" farmers but anyway, they serve a generous portion of salad together with some bread and soup. They also stock a huge variety of cold-pressed juice that all have pretty pun-ny Korean names which I won't try to replicate in English. For a non-salad lover like me, this place is surprisingly perfect because they do add a lot of toppings and dressing to otherwise pretty bland (well in my opinion anyway) mixture of veggies.


Dore Dore


So this is a direct contrast to the healthy fave above but I just have to write about Dore Dore. I LOVE my dessert. I seriously do and Dore Dore has the perfect range of cakes. I don't even think that the photos do the place justice because they look way more colourful and interesting in person. I have yet to try the kit kat cake (I'm terrified to even check the calories count on that one) but have tried the rainbow cake multiple (yes, multiple) times and LOVE it. I'd definitely recommend it over Hummingbird's rainbow cake.


Ceci Cela


Another dessert place and this time for my favourite carrot cake in Seoul. The cake is spongey in just the right way and the cheesecake icing is just perfect. Couldn't recommend this place enough. Plus, the portions are so big so you're not left disappointed!


Zien Art Space


Okay time to step away from the cakes. Technically I'm cheating a little bit because this place is around half an hour drive away from Seoul but that's okay right? As you probably saw in our post before, our family is kind of obsessed with having plants in the house. We're not really ones for big flowers unless they're bouquets as presents or just as an accent piece but if we had to choose what to grow around the house, we'd definitely shy away from "loud" ones. This place has a pretty good variety of plants to choose from and they are really, I mean really knowledgeable about everything there. It just makes me so happy to walk around Zien Art Space amongst the flora and plus the Italian restaurant is superb so it's perfect to spend half a day here wondering around.


Vecchia & Nuovo


Surprise, another restaurant favourite! Our mum's office is right next to one of their branches and also the place that we just moved to has a branch just 3 minute walk from ours. I think Vecchia & Nuovo is pretty popular amongst posh mothers but that doesn't mean we can't enjoy it too right? I am in LOVE with their squid ink pasta. If I had to choose one type of pasta to live off for the rest of my life, it would definitely be this one (Made In Italy on the Kings Road comes pretty close though).


Dior House


I'd been seeing this place all over instagram lately and thought I should go see it. The building is comprised of five floors with the first three floors being used as the actual store, the fourth floor used as a gallery and the fifth floor as the Pierre Hermé café. If you know me, you know that I love Pierre Hermé macaroons so I'm kind of biased but this place is so dreamy *insert heart eyed emojis here*

Seoul Series #3

Seoul Series #3

START Art Fair 2015

START Art Fair 2015