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Ashley and I are back from our trip to Marrakech and although we were grateful for some (or a lot of) sunshine, it is indeed nice to be back in London where it never really gets too hot. We put together a mini Marrakech guide below to provide a little info for those wishing to travel to Marrakech soon.


To Stay


We went back to the hotel that I stayed at last summer, Palais Namaskar. I did a whole post on the hotel before (here) and like I said in that post, this hotel was on my "places to visit again" list. They always have offers for the summer since Marrakech gets soooo hot during those months so I'd recommend to look out for them. We got upgraded to the pool villa (again!) and they provided us with complimentary wine and car services. Their service game is so strong (do people still say that?) and just as an example, after you come back to the hotel or even when you get in the car from the Medina to go back to the hotel, they provide you with chilled towels. How considerate is that?


Some of our summer holiday essentials: bikinis and sunglasses (of course), couple of good books to read - Ashley read Us by David Nicholls because one day, duh, and I read the Goldfinch because you can't go wrong with Donna Tartt. The two sunscreens pictured above are our absolute faves. The Sisley one is amazing because it has a slight tint so gives a little coverage and the Shiseido sunscreen feels so nice on the skin and not oily at all. We both style our hair quite a bit with curls so literally don't go anywhere without either a hair mask or a treatment from Tsubaki. This stuff is magic. Also, on a sunny holiday, some aloe is an absolute must both for a "just in case" moment and for soothing your skin even if you're not burnt.


Other hotels we like include: La Mamounia, Royal Mansour, Dar Darma, Dar Nanka & Spa, and Selman Marrakech.

To Do

Ben Youssef Madrasa

We have a huge obsession with the instagram account @ihavethisthingwithzelij and saw this featured several times. The zelij walls in the courtyard are so beautiful and the off-white-ish material above the archways too. This used to be a college to study the Quran and now have become a famous sight in Marrakech - it's not really hard to see why.


Jardin Marjorelle

The garden, even the second time round, was soooooo beautiful. Every time I see the majorelle blue walls and pots, I fall in love with it even more. Previous blog post can be found here


Palace Bahia (previous blog post)


Quad Bikes around the Palmerie

Nikki Beach (previous blog post)

To Shop


So of course, visiting the souks (previous blog post) is a must in Marrakech. The thing is though I'm a little bit scared of the souks as I find it a little intimidating and brings out my anxiety. Especially in the heat, I find it hard to keep calm. If there's any of you that are like me then I recommend asking a member of the hotel to accompany you to the souks or ask the hotel driver to drop you off at the exact location where you want to shop. For example, we knew we wanted to get some tiles or dishes so we got dropped off at just the right spot for that instead of say, a lantern part of the souks. 


To Eat

Henna Cafe

Henna Cafe is amazing to kill two birds with one stone - you can get henna (duh) and get some amazing tea and food as well. We sat upstairs on the rooftop but they do have a "breezier" indoor area just downstairs.


Royal Mansour for dining in a riad (previous blog post)


La Mamounia in any one of their six restaurants - LOVE the Italian restaurant (previous blog post)

Le Comptoir Darna for some traditional Moroccan cuisine and a show (previous blog post)


Dar Yacout for a Moroccan meal in a riad

NOMAD for a quick lunch on the rooftop

Brown's London Art Weekend 2015

Brown's London Art Weekend 2015

Outfit: Ashley #3

Outfit: Ashley #3