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Where to Eat in Tokyo

Where to Eat in Tokyo

One thing I really love about where I live is that it's literally the best of both worlds. Being in London means I'm super close to places I love in Europe like Italy and France while having family in Seoul means that places like Japan, China, Indonesia, Thailand, and more aren't really that far away and most of the time, there's always a direct flight too. Ashley and I thought it'd be a good idea to squeeze in a trip to Tokyo while we're in Seoul for the rest of this summer so that's just what we did! We've been to Tokyo a couple times before (we're guilty of doing multiple foodie trips on a long weekends) so we're pretty familiar with the city but it had been quite some time since our last visit so it really was the perfect time. 

There are plenty of other blogs and websites that'll guide you to the right places to go see important sights so I'll leave that out here and focus on what's most important (to us anyway) - THE FOOD! Just a little disclaimer: these were all shot on my iPhone since I left my camera in London and Ashley did too...


I have to admit, I'm pretty lazy when it comes to breakfast and brunch and normally just have it at the hotel after a lie in (you are on holiday after all!) but say Japanese pancakes (or hotcakes) and I'll be up and ready to leave the door. I don't know what it is, I guess they are just way fluffier than what I would find anywhere else and just so so so soft. It feels like they just melt right in your mouth. If I had to choose my top three for pancakes in Tokyo, they would be Ginza West Aoyama Garden (pictured below), Rainbow Pancake, and Flipper's.

Sushi, soba noodles, udon, omurice... They are all my favourite food and I had plenty of chance to eat them while in Tokyo. Of all the restaurants we went to, I chose my top three to share with you guys below.


Sarashina Horii Azabujuban Honten

This place opened in 1789. 1789!! How crazy is that! Clearly they are doing something right to be open for all that time, right? We had both hot and cold soba with some tempura and tamagoyaki too. We went here straight after we had checked into our hotel on our first day and I remember feeling satisfyingly full before setting out for the rest of the day/trip. 


Sato Yosuke

At first, I wanted to go to a traditional (or what I think of as traditional) udon place with the thick noodles but we decided to try this place for a change. They have this really thin handmade noodles that are very chewy and I'd recommend trying it cold with a separate sauce they provide.



I'm not sure if this place is very well known as it is tucked away in a little street in Azabujuban and inside of it looks like a little family run cafe too. It sounds weird to say but I liked that the food took a little long to arrive as it made me think that each one was being prepared with care. Ashley had the Japanese hamburger steak with the egg on top (which she said was one of the best), we shared some ebi katsu and some croquettes that were just incredible, and I had the omurice (fried rice with an omlette) which was delicious too. 

Now onto everything sweet... One  of my favourite areas in Tokyo for cute cafes with desserts is Omotesando. Here, I finally got to try something from Dominique Ansel Bakery. They didn't have the cronuts when we got there but from everything we got to try, I loved the watermelon ice cream, the frozen smore, and the cookie shot. Surprisingly, the queue really wasn't that long and there were enough seats inside too. They have Café Kitsuné which is way different to the one in Paris and Blue Bottle Coffee too for a quick coffee fix in Omotesando too but I really liked Omotesando Koffee. Another place I know I'll come back to is Number Sugar. They have all these caramel in different flavours and my favourite are number 1 (vanilla), 2 (salt), 3 (cinnamon and tea), and 7 (almond). They also come in the cutest little bags so it's the perfect place to grab them as gifts for friends and family back home. For something different, you have to try Gomaya Kuki which specialises in sesame flavoured ice creams. They have black and white versions and also have different intensity of flavours too so you're bound to find something that suits you. When I posted a picture from here on my Instagram, I captioned it saying my favourite ice cream flavours were red bean, sesame, and matcha and I was surprised by how many people commented back saying those were some of their favourites too. I swear I thought I was the only one in this world as they are a little bit "different" but the moral of the story is, if you haven't tried them, you really should.


Stepping out of Omotesando for a bit and into Harajuku, there really is plenty of cafes here like the famous cat cafe but the one you HAVE to try for the experience and for the sake of it is Totti Candy Factory. They have an incredible selection of candy floss from the rainbow one we had to heart shaped ones and it's just so fun to see them make it. It's basically heaven for people who love all things kawaii. 

And finally, two of my favourite matcha ice cream places we tried: Down the Stairs with the muted flavoured matcha ice cream that was super creamy and Suzukien Matcha Gelato Shop. They had more than 8 different flavours of matcha ice cream at Suzukien, each varying in their intensity and also had some sesame flavours so of course, I had them both. I went for number 3, which wasn't too strong but for matcha lovers, you could go way higher and try number 7 or 8.


When I started writing this post, I really didn't think a food guide post wouldn't be as long as this but what can I say, I guess I like sharing my favourite places with you guys. If you have your favourite places in Tokyo, please share them below so I can check them out on my next trip there! Thank you for reading and don't forget to follow us on Bloglovin' if you'd like to stay up to date with our posts! x

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