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Switzerland Travel Diary

Switzerland Travel Diary

Looking back on it, I can't actually believe we managed to pull this trip off. It was such a spontaneous decision (made two weeks before our flight out of London) and planning was so hectic. We wanted to squeeze in as many cities as possible in just under two weeks and since it was such a last minute thought, finding flights and hotels were a little bit tricky. But, saying all that, it turned out to be perfect and I can safely say that I fell in love with Switzerland. I'd never been before (Ashley had on a ski trip) and really, it was even better than I thought it'd be. 

I feel like the amount of research we did before this trip and all the photos we took there (believe me, there's a ton) won't really translate well here so thought I'd do a quick roundup of our highlights and if you guys have any questions about any cities or just want to hear more about them, feel free to shoot us an email or leave a comment below and I'll try to reply a little more in depth. So just as an overview, we went to 6 different areas: Zurich, Lucerne, Interlaken, Adelboden, Zermatt, and Geneva in that order. So let's start with Zurich.




We spent the most amount of time in Zurich mainly because we wanted to set the right pace for the rest of the trip but also because we had just practically flown from Seoul to London and London to Zurich so wanted some time to recover. We knew the whole trip would be pretty busy as we had created a rather ambitious itinerary so it was really nice having the first couple of days to slow down a little bit. I would say walking around the old town is a must and also definitely try to squeeze in a trip Freitag flagship store too. All of their products are unique and made of recycled materials and I'm a HUGE fan of their messenger bags. We also did a mini day trip to see the Europe's tallest waterfall, Rhine Falls. I'd recommend that too if you have a little more time to spend in Zurich. On a different note, I found my absolute favourite restaurant in Zurich, Hiltl. It's a vegetarian restaurant that began 1898 (!!) and served in a buffet style. If you come back next week to nnyley you'll see that I've made the transition to cut out meat completely from my diet so this place was like heaven for me and we went back twice. 




We weren't in Lucerne for long but I feel like we did get a sense of the city pretty well by the time we left. I would say two of my highlights were having lunch with the view of the Chapel Bridge and the Golden Round Trip up to Mount Pilatus. We even spotted a rainbow on the way down from the cable car.




Of course, the highlight of Interlaken was taking multiple trains up to Jungfrau, at 3454 metres above sea level. It wasn't just the views itself that made it so worthwhile but different activities they had over there like the Ice Palace where you could walk around and see different ice sculptures and also, the Lindt store. Safe to say, we came back with our bellies full of chocolate. On the way down to Interlaken, we also tried this thing called First Glider. Essentially, you get strapped onto what looks like an eagle and the zip wires pull you back and release you really quickly. I'm not explaining that very well but it was so much fun and if you ever have the chance, you definitely should try it.




So our visit to Adelboden came at just the right time during the trip as it had been a busy couple of days and we wanted to spend some time relaxing and reading. What better place to do that than at the Cambrian Hotel. The first picture above was taken from our window in the room and it was exactly how I pictured an idyllic Swiss village.




The cutest interior at Hotel Europe and Spa!


The Omnia

I loved hiking down to Riffelsee in Zermatt. It was less crowded than most of the sights that we had been to and there was a perfect reflection of Matterhorn's peak. It felt so peaceful to sit down by the lake and think about nothing else but what was in front of me. We also got to try paragliding with Fly Zermatt while we were there. It was a little scary, I must admit, but once we were flying, I completely forgot about it and enjoyed the view until my motion sickness kicked in (tmi?) Two hotels we stayed at are Europe Hotel & Spa and the Omnia. I'd say the first one had a really cosy feel and the interior was so on point with sheep wallpapers. I loved staying at the Omnia too. It's definitely a lot more contemporary and the spa and the pool there were so lovely.



We spent the least amount of time in Geneva because our flights were in the evening but we did get to explore the old town with the Cathédrale de St. Pierre. We also had lunch by Jet d'Eau, a famous landmark in Geneva that jets up water up to 140 metres. It was a Sunday when we were there so a lot of the shops were closed but we did get to try Holy Cow! Gourmet Burger Company. This place was recommended by loads of people and I'm glad we ended up going there. I had the veggie burger which had some apple chutney in it and it was sooo yummy! I'm still thinking about that burger because I'm yet to find a good vegetarian burger place in London that doesn't have mushrooms in them. Side note: if you know any, PLEASE leave me a comment below!


Well, that's it for this post! Hope you enjoyed seeing some photos of our trip to Switzerland and if you're planning a trip there yourself, maybe it gave you an idea of the route and major must sees and dos. Thank you for reading and I'll be back on Sunday with an Italy post! x


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