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Seoul Series #6

Seoul Series #6

I was just going through my photos and realised I never uploaded these into another Seoul Series. As always, it's mostly food places but these are some of my favourite ones so hope you enjoy this post!




Bills confuses me a little bit because in England, we have a restaurant called Bills that's nothing like the "real" Bills and the "real" Bills is called Granger & Co. Even when I went to Australia I was so confused because on the main street near Bondi beach, there was a place called Bills and I couldn't figure out whether it was Bills like pancakes Bills or Bills as in the European restaurant. Are you guys following this? Anyway, Bills opened in South Korea and of course I had to go have their pancakes (ricotta hotcakes with honeycomb butter)



If I could have bagels every day without gaining a few pounds I actually would. I'm so happy I found this place because their flavours are so different. They make their own bagels and spreads and I don't know if you can read it from the pictures but they have flavours like fig, olives, and cranberry for their spreads!!


Under Pressure

This was a bit of a random discovery but they have a really nice terrace outside for sunny days (it can get super hot in Seoul in the summers!) I think all these cafes are the reason why I always gain so much weight when I'm in Korea. I mean, how can you say no to these desserts, right?


Darling Kitchen

I absolutely LOVED the brunch here! We had the french toast with ricotta and fig as well as a salmon open sandwich. Honestly, if you are lost for ideas for brunch places in Seoul (which I doubt because there are tons and tons in Seoul) you should definitely add this place to your list!


Champion Coffee


I'm actually not a huge coffee drinker. I think it's maybe something you grow to like and I always stick with tea or hot chocolate in cafes. I still wanted to go to Champion Coffee because I heard their cookies were really good and it was true! They have two flavours, milk chocolate and double chocolate, and I brought about 12 of them home...


Le Jiu

Aaaaah I can't believe it's taken me this long to include this place into my Seoul Series. It's my local Italian restaurant in Seoul and I probably go here twice a week or once a week at least. Something about their pasta is so different and pictured are my two favourites, Arrabbiata and the "Shrek" pasta with spinach.


Thank you for reading you guys! I'm not back in Seoul for a while so Seoul Series will be on hold for at least a month when Ashley gets back there but I have an exciting nnyley holiday coming up and am working on doing something like this for London as well so stay tuned! 

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