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Seoul Series #5

Seoul Series #5

Can you guys believe we're already so close to March? Also, can we take a moment to acknowledge that I've kept with my new year's resolution and have, without fail, uploaded every Saturday since the first week of January... *pats self on the back* As promised, I'm back this week with a new Seoul Series. It's been ages, right? I have a couple of dessert recommendations and one exhibition/gallery recommendation so if you're in Seoul, check these out and if you're not, add these to your 'to go places in Seoul' list if you have one ;)


Think I've included Dore Dore in one of my previous Seoul Series posts but they've recently (well I say recently but it probably wasn't that recent since I'm always late to the party) re-did their interior and spiced up their menu too. Everything is very girly in here, with the pink walls and cacti and most importantly, LOOK AT THOSE CAKES!! I even love the rainbow sleeves the drinks come with... Can you tell I'm obsessed?

IMG_0617 (1).jpg

This place has been on my list for AGES and AGES since I always see it on instagram. I tried two of their most famous desserts and they definitely did not disappoint. The round ball looking one is actually a champagne foam ball with edible flowers and meringue inside. You break it open by tapping it with a spoon and mix it all together (and you get the best of both life. PLEASE tell me you get this reference!) The chocolate looking one was definitely my favourite though. It comes with a hot chocolate sauce that you pour so that the chocolate lid melts away and mixes in with the rest of the dessert. Definitely an experimental place but really fun.


I walked past this coffee shop a couple times and always for some reason thought it wasn't a coffee shop. Anyway, I had a chance to go the other day and I have to say, it's quickly become one of my favourites. The inside is scarily (but in a nice way) all white and minimalist. They only serve one type of cake (CHEESECAKE!!) and the one other dessert they have is ice cream. Their coffee, though, comes in a huge variety and we ordered matcha and 'rose' lattes. Circling back to the ice cream for a second, it looks normal guys, right? But I have to say it was sooo yummy and the ice cream cone wasn't like a typical 99p one, it tasted like some sort of Japanese biscuit which, obviously, was really good. 


Tell me you haven't seen this place on instagram, I dare ya. If you have friends who've recently been to Seoul or if you follow any bloggers who's based in or have been to Seoul, you've probably already seen this place. Atmosphere is famous for their macaroons - not just any kind of macaroons but the CUTEST macaroons in the world. Almost too cute to eat but I'm obssessed with this place already.


I did't want to include this here since the rest of the places mentioned here are dessert places but this exhibition ends TOMORROW so wanted to put it up here for you guys to have a chance to go if you're in Seoul anyway. If you're not here then maybe you can make a note of him if you didn't know him already, and follow his exhibitions to your city. This exhibition is a little short but packed with the good stuff ;) I, like everyone else probably, really loved the Rainbow Assembly where water droplets/mist was sprayed in the shape of a circle, surrounding the viewers. The light would reflect on the water and create this beautiful flowing rainbow. 

Hope you guys enjoyed this Seoul Series. As you can probably tell, I'm always looking for new dessert places to try and exhibitions to check out so please write me some of your recommendations in the comments below. Also, I've been dying to go to Ferryroasters in Seoul (check the link to see those donut lattes!!) so hopefully I'll be back with another Seoul Series soon! Thank you for reading and don't forget to follow us on Bloglovin' to stay up to date with our posts. 

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