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October Food Round Up

October Food Round Up

I'm trying something different on nnyley today. Whenever I get asked by friends from other cities which restaurants I would recommend when they are visiting, I never really know what to say because there are so many options. I have so many favourites for different occasions, locations, and cuisine. I've been wanting to do some sort of a guide on favourite places to eat and drink in London for a while now but thought maybe I'd divide it up like how I'm planning to do now by showing you guys where I've been eating recently. I'm actually trying to eat in more instead of eating out because I realised how much we eat out but hopefully posts like this will give you guys an idea of places I always go back to and also of new places that I've tried. So let's get started with a round up of October restaurants.


Friend of Ours

I always go back to Friends of Ours. They have a rotating seasonal menu and I always look forward to what they're going to come up with next. They also have a good variety on their menu so accommodates vegetarians and vegans too. I love how they always add a little twist to the classic brunch items - like this brioche french toast I had with roasted white peaches and lemon cream


Core Collective

This was a new find for me. I recently went over to Core Collective for the Velocity work out and ended up trying their vegan waffles with chia seed jam and figs and the BEST blueberry and cinnamon protein shake I've ever had. I can see myself going back to work out there just so I can reward myself at the kitchen after.


L'ETO is really good for quick healthy lunches from their display menu and little cakes too.  

Dri Dri Gelato

Vanilla and custard cream flavours. They're the best gelato I've had in London.



Yolkin has four different flavours of their ice cream macarons every two weeks. We tried the matcha velvet flavour and the black sesame one. Both really good and filling too. 


Pearl & Groove

We found this gluten free bakery while wondering around Notting Hill before going to the Electric Cinema. We were there pretty late so they didn't have all the flavours. We tried the Pistachio and Vanilla one so I guess it just means we'll have to go back and try the other ones.



I picked up this Portuguese tart because I miss all the good ones from Lisbon so much. This one was a little bit to caramelised at the top and I think I prefer the ones at Whole Foods. If you guys have any favourite nata places in London, please let me know! I already have I Love Nata on my list!


Duke of York Square Market

So this food market is on every Saturday and I end up grabbing a quick bite here if I'm doing a little bit of shopping on the King's Road. There's a really good Vietnamese roll place, croquettes stall, and I make sure to grab some canelรฉs while I'm there too.


Pho House

Old time favourite. It's so hard to find good vegetarian pho places that don't have mushrooms in their dishes. I always end up choosing between two things at Pho House - Sizzling Squid or Pho Chay with veggie stock and with no coriander. 



Old favourite too. There are loads of Korean restaurants in London now but I always find myself coming back here. Mostly because they cater their dishes to vegetarians too so you can get Kimchi Jigae with tuna instead of beef or pork. I love their crispy Kimchi Jeon and Duk Bok Gi too.

So that's it for this month's round up of places we went too. Maybe documenting them like this will make me even more conscious of where we go to eat and hopefully encourage me to try out more different places while trying to cook a little more at home too. Thanks for reading guys x

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