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Lisbon Guide

Lisbon Guide

It's actually insane how long it takes to go through the billions of photos you took while you were travelling, right? I mean, it didn't actually take us a whole month to do that but still, narrowing them down to this "bite size" selection for this blog post was hard work haha. So in June, we were in Lisbon for five full days and we really got to explore the city as well as squeeze in a little day trip to Sintra and Cascais. I'm already missing the city so much that Ashley and I are trying to look at our calendars so we can do another trip there soon. I have some photos that I wanted to share with you guys as well as some recommendations for must see sights and amazing restaurants to try too. Hope you enjoy this post and let me know what you think of it in the comments below! If you've been to Lisbon before I'd really appreciate it if you left a comment below to say what your favourite part was and some suggestions for our second trip back!


Okay let's start with sights in Lisbon first and then get to Sintra. If you ever go to Lisbon, I would highly suggest going to Castelo Saint Jorge. The view up there is incredible and by chance, Ashley and I were there during sunset so it was that extra special. It was a such nice way to see the city from above! Another great way to get a feel for the city from above is through miradouros. Although there are tons of miradouros around with amazing views, our favourite was Miradouros das Portas do Sol.


If you find yourself in Belem to try the famous custard tarts you HAVE to go to Monastery Jerominos, a UNESCO Heritage site. Walking through the cloisters here was one of our highlights during this trip. The Monument of Discoveries is right opposite the Monastry and Belem Tower is very close by too. Just a side note here: like any other touristy places, these sights get really really busy so I'd suggest going right when they open so you don't have to queue too long in the sun!


On our last day during our shopping spree, we walked past the famous, very gothic Santa Justa Lift in Baixa. Apart from ticking these places off your list in Lisbon, you definitely should find time to wonder the streets in Alfama too. Every street and every corner you turn to is picture perfect with pastel coloured houses and tiles all around. It's the perfect area to ditch your maps and just get lost walking around!

Like I mentioned, we did a day trip to Sintra and Cascais and this, too, was one of our highlights during the trip. We first went to Pena Palace which was the summer home for King Ferdinand II. The colours were so vivid and bright and being so high up in Sintra, it had really amazing views. Being so high up meant it got really really windy so bring a light layer you guys! 


Quinta da Regaleira was my favourite in Sintra because there was something so zen and peaceful about this place. Exploring the gardens, walking down the well, and stepping across the little moss filled water all just felt like we were in some kind of fairy tale land.


We spent a couple hours at Palacio de Monserrate too, exploring the different gardens and the palace. We were so lucky with the weather throughout our whole trip that I could sit outside all these places and paint what was in front.


So we actually hadn't planned on going to Cabo da Roca (the westernmost point of Europe!!) but our uber driver insisted (basically forced us) to have a look and I have to say, I'm glad he did. The view was incredible and I wish we had more time to go down to Ursa Beach to enjoy the sun. I have a feeling this place would look amazing at sunset!

So those are all the sights that I would recommend if you ever visit Lisbon yourself! I'm not sure if I've included everything so if I've left out anything vital, please leave them in the comments below! Moving onto restaurants and cafes, we were really really impressed with all the food Lisbon had to offer and honestly, if we had gone to every single restaurant I wanted to try, we probably would need to have spent another month there!


Cafe Madragoa

This was the BEST meal we had in Lisbon. That's a bold statement and I stand by it. It's a traditional little Portuguese cafe and the food was SOOO GOOD. We had sardines on toast, tiger prawns with salad, and some amazing pasta too. The owner explained everything on the menu for us and was super friendly too.


LX Factory

There are so many little gems in this area. We had really good pizza and pasta at AMesa and had our waiter tell us that the whole concept of the place was to eat pizza with our hands not with cutlery. It didn't really bother me but the extent to which she insisted was kind of funny to us. They also had a little acai stand where we both got a little cup of acai bowl which was just what we needed in the sun. In terms of dessert, you should try LXeesecake and Landeau. I think I might just have to come back to Lisbon for the chocolate cake at Landeau. It was that amazing and that's coming from someone who doesn't even like chocolate cake. Wish Coffee is also great for getting an iced latte and that's also coming from someone who doesn't drink coffee regularly. (Side note: you guys know I never used to drink coffee so this might surprise some of you but I'm slowly getting into it!!)


O Prego da Peixaria

We had the sirloin and shrimp burger/sandwich with some sweet potato fries and croquettes here and it was really tasty. 


You guys know we love our sushi so we tried out Confraria Lx and I have to say, it was pretty good. We mainly had rolls which they had a good selection of and I loved the interior here. 

I think we must have had one (or two) ice cream every day while we were in Lisbon to cope with the heat. One of our favourite places were Santini for their gelato. I always opted for lemon sorbet and raspberry sorbet.


How can you go to Lisbon and not have custard tarts, right? It should actually be a rule to try them at least once because the people who don't don't know what they're missing out on! Every time we went to a new place to have these tarts, we got a box of six to bring back to our hotel and had them as our midnight snack. They also had custard tarts at the breakfast buffet at our hotel so safe to say, we did have loads of these. I have three favourite places for custard tarts but my favourite out of them all is Manteigaria - I think they have the perfect ratio of crispy outer layer and the warm, creamy custard. Other favourites are Pasteis de Belem (I mean there must be a reason there's always a huge queue here, right) and Tartine.


So that's it for this Lisbon guide you guys! Hope you enjoyed and let me know what you thought in the comments below please! x

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