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December Food Round Up

December Food Round Up

It feels like it's been absolute ages since I posted something on here. It's been a busy few weeks with essays and essays and more essays. To top it all off, I had a six-hour exam to revise for so you know... Things have been quite hectic. #studentproblems... 

I'm so happy I decided to do this series on nnyley because it makes it easier for you guys to see where we love to eat out and also is a good way of keeping record of how much I've eaten out this month to get me to cook more at home... It also makes me realise how much I'm a creature of habit and go back to the same places over and over again once I find something I like. I do forget to take photos before diving into my dinner but I did manage to get a few from November/December so here it is. Enjoy and let me know if you've tried any of these places!

Friends of Ours

Had to go and try their new menu. I had this dreeeeeamy apple crumble hotcakes with salted caramel. Friends of Ours, you do not disappoint.

Malibu Kitchen at the Ned

I don't think I could ever live without acai bowls. I'd run out of my frozen packets at home and next thing I know, I'm booking a brunch to the closest place to mine that has acai bowls... This was okay but I'm so picky and have a whole checklist that only Nalu Bowls in Bali could ever meet. Just means I'll have to go back to Bali and learn their secret!


East London Juice Company

East London Juice Company has some really good drinks like chai lattes but also yummy snacks like cinanans (slow dried cinnamon bananas) which are so addictive and waffle bowls too. It's perfect for grabbing something to have on the go.


Soft Serve Society

This place has been all over instagram for as long as I can remember. Just looking at this picture makes me feel so cold but it was a mild day that day and I had a craving. That's my justification for getting ice cream in the winter anyway... I opted for something other than their more experimental freakshakes and had matcha flavoured ice cream with a marshmallow on top. The picture next to the ice cream is of all the toppings you can choose from. 


Crumbs and Doilies

This place is hands down my favourite cupcakes place in London. They're just so yummy, all the flavours are really cool and ever-changing, and sooo aesthetically pleasing too. They also do mini cupcake versions of most of their bigger ones so when I'm around in Kingly Court, I just grab a few of the mini ones. I've also done a few custom orders from here and everybody I've given them to has loved them!


Island Pokรฉ

I think it must have been a good few years ago now that a friend of mine was telling me about poke bowls. I never really had a chance to try it until maybe a year ago and love grabbing lunches here. It's just so easy and relatively healthy. With all the toppings option, I feel like I'm having something different every time.


Omg where do I even start with CookDaily. I am so obsessed with this place since Ashley and I went to try it the other day after Psycle. It's completely vegan and the food couldn't be yummier. We've been here twice now and tried three of their dishes so far - the pad thai, green curry, and the noodle bowl with spring rolls. They're all so good. As you know, I've been vegetarian for nearly a year now and am trying to be more conscious of what I eat so it's perfect that I've found somewhere near mine that does really yummy vegan food.


Shoryu has been one of my favourite ramen places in London for quite some time now. I think the Kingly Court branch is my favourite just because it's so pretty there but it does get really busy. I always used to order the Shoryu Ganso Tonkotsu before which is like their signature one but since turning vegetarian, I've tried and love one of their vegetarian ramens, White Natural.



This and more was just food for the two of us. I feel like sometimes we order so much but you can't really help it if you want to have everything on the menu. The okra fries are so good and make sure to have some sort of curry and the masala prawns! So good!

La Petite Maison

It seems like a tradition that we go to La Petite Maison whenever our parents are around. Their food is so yummy and their burrata is one of my faves in London if I can't get to Napoli to have some there... Make sure to try their french toast dessert too. It's made it to my top 5 desserts in London cause it's so simple but so good!


This is a relatively new find - well I say relatively but we've been going here for the past two years? I really like their tar tar chips and I feel like they have the best black cod around. I'm super picky with it cause miso black cod can sometimes be way too sweet or not enough but Dinings does it perfectly.



I think my miso love really shines through in this post cause I need to go on about how amazing the miso blackened salmon is from Scott's. It's so good and comes with pak choi my favourite vegetable ever (is it sad that I have a favourite vegetable...) I just love how fresh everything tastes here and I'll always remember Scott's as the first place I tried oysters!

China Tang

Looks like all my favourite restaurants made it on here this month... The last three on this post is a little pricey but the food justifies the cost. I absolutely love China Tang. I always recommend it to everybody who comes to London because they have a really good dim sum menu as well as other dishes but most importantly, I actually dream about their sticky toffee pudding. My favourite dessert ever so I've tried so many around London but China Tang does the best one. You have to trust me on this you guys!

So that rounds up this and last month's restaurants/cafes we went to! I've been searching for a good place to go for a veggie Sunday roast so if you know of any, please let me know in the comments below! Thanks for reading guys x

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