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Australia Photo Diary

Australia Photo Diary

The last time I remember going to Australia was probably when I was around 8. We mostly went for Ashley who was OBSESSED with koalas at the time only to find out that they are probably one of the laziest animals EVER and Ashley was so upset that all they did was sleep. I think she quickly changed her favourite animals to penguins after that... Anyway, what I'm trying to say is that it had been way more than ten years since I was last in Australia and I couldn't wait to go back. The whole trip this time was around two weeks and it was such a treat as I had just finished an internship in Korea and was just looking forward to relax in the sun. This trip was way more than that though, obviously. We squeezed in a couple of beach days but my favourite part was exploring different areas of each cities: Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane (surprising, I know since I am such a beach bum). Hope you guys enjoy this photo diary!

We started off our trip in Sydney and stayed at an airbnb right by Bondi beach. There's just something about being near the sea that instantly calms me. Maybe it's because I basically grew up at my boarding school on the cliff or maybe the sea just has that effect on people. Being in the city for so long like Seoul and London made me forget how nice it is to see all that blue when you wake up. I missed it...

Bondi Icebergs

Sydney Opera House

One of the highlights of our time in Sydney would have to be the Coogee to Bondi walk. I can't remember exactly how long it took us for the whole walk but it would've been inaccurate anyway since we were always stopping to admire the view, sitting down to sketch, and having picnics. The walk essentially takes you along beaches, cliffs, parks, and even a cemetery. Most of the photos above were taken during this walk so I don't have to tell you how amazing the view was, right? I never thought of myself as someone who enjoys walks but if all walks could be like this one, I'd be doing that all the time. 

Moving onto Melbourne, one of my favourite parts was the Rose Street Market we stumbled upon while trying to find a brunch place (priorities!!) It's an artist market that sells all kinds of things like bags, clothes, jewellery, homeware, and prints. I ended up getting a ton of things and if that wasn't enough, went back the next day to see if they had any new items. One of my favourite things I picked up here was a print of native Australian birds and that is now hanging on the wall of my flat.

The street art in this area (Fitzroy) was insane!

Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria

State Library Victoria

THE PINK LAKE (Westgate Park). You guys I don't know what to tell you about this lake because it wasn't the pink lake of my dreams. It took forever for us to get to this place and when we saw the lake from a distance we couldn't figure out what we were looking at. Only when we got super close to the water, we could see that it was pink. Well this is the scientific explanation: the water "turned bright pink due to a perfect mix of high temperatures, sunlight and low rainfall." I think maybe the intensity of the pink changes depending on when you visit so I'd love to come back and see this lake turn BRIGHT PINK!

One day, just around sunset, we headed to St. Kilda Beach in Melbourne. I'm yet to go to Boulders Beach in South Africa to see penguins but this experience was so so so magical. There were some penguins right before the sun set but some also swam on shore (kind of Jaws like from the water) and one even waddled right past me!

I looked forward to seeing Kangaroos and Koalas throughout the whole trip. VERY touristy I know but can you blame me? Just look at their cute little faces!! We spent half a day at the Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary in Brisbane and I loved it! 


Moving on... Every time I go on Instagram and see someone instagram food that looks amazing, it's always a restaurant or a cafe in Australia. Honestly, we had so much good food during our trip so I thought I'd share with you some of my favourites below. I really wish we'd had more time so that we could've tried more pleaces but that just means I'll have to come back soon!

Fun fact: I am obsessed with acai bowls. Well maybe that might not be a fun fact for some of you who know me well but anyhow, I was really looking forward to having loads of them during my trip. Safe to say, you did not disappoint me, Australia!

Cafe Bikini

Speedos Cafe

I tried to be healthy with salmon, egg whites, avocado, and spinach but the hash browns smelled so good I just had to have some!

Cuckoo Callay

Grounds of Alexandria

Horse on Heels

That's taro latte on the left there and matcha waffle on the right. They were as yummy as they look!


Sorry for how long it took for me to upload this you guys! Trust me, it was painful for me too. Every time I came back to the draft to write something, I'd look at those photos and miss being there already. I'm having sun withdrawals in gloomy London :( Thank you for reading though and hope you enjoyed this mini photo diary from Australia!

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