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Holaaa! I'm back with another travel post from my trip to sunny Barcelona. I'd only been to Barcelona once before and my friends and I had wanted to go on a holiday to an artsy city with a beach so Barcelona it was. It was only a short trip of 5 days but we did fit a lot so have a cuppa ready - this is a picture heavy post!

Like I said, we did try to fit in as much as we could and we did get to see mostly everything on our list. The only places we didn't get to see were Casa Batlló and Park Güell. We actually hiked all the way up to Park Güell and walked around the free parts of the park but by the time we found the place to buy tickets, there were none left within our timeframe. If you're planning to visit these sights in Barcelona, I'd definitely recommend booking online before you go so you don't have to hang around for ages.


Basílica de la Sagrada Família

This was the first Gaudí building we saw, which, although not completely constructed yet, looked really impressive, kind of like Atlantis from the Little Mermaid. I was surprised when I entered the building to see such a stark contrast between the sharpness of the exterior and the softness of the interior. The white-ish columns and the beautiful stained glass windows gave off a really warm and welcoming feeling and it wasn't hard to see how this church became a UNESCO world heritage site.


La Pedrera


Magic Fountain of Montjuïc

We tried to roughly make an itinerary of our time in Barcelona but of course, when you're on holiday you have to account for some time to get "lost" or longer times to just lounge by the pool. Anyhow, we did manage to go to the Magic Fountain one night, kind of on a whim, and were greeted by the runners of the 10K Nike run. The whole place was literally buzzing with swarms of neon yellow and pink running around, trying to warm up and we just sat there taking it all in. After the run had started, we walked up to get a clearer view of the main fountain and as the sun set, music started playing and the colours of the fountain began to show. It really was sooo beautiful and just like the name, magical!


Picasso Museum

I also really loved the Picasso Museum. I'd never seen that much Picasso in one place, even when I visited some Picasso exhibitions in London and New York. The museum was wonderfully curated and the curation were really easy to understand, taking us through Picasso's lifetime from when he was at school. Like most art galleries or museums, we couldn't take photos of the artworks but I included some photos of the courtyard just to give you an idea of how beautiful the building was. Sometimes I think when older pieces of artwork are exhibited in brand new, white-walled gallery halls, it looks out of place (although when done right it does look fab) so this architecture worked really nice as a backdrop to present the artwork.


Parc del Laberint d'Horta


Boqueria Market


And to the comida part of this post... I have a few that we liked but my favourite was definitely where we had breakfast. Can Dende. This place was super close to our flat and really, like really good. I had the pancakes when we first went and because it was so good, we went back the next day and I got the salmon bagel which was also sooo yummy. For drinks you should definitely order the Can Dende iced tea. If you're ever stuck for breakfast ideas in Barcelona, try this place for sure!


I also really loved Llamber which was close to the Picasso Museum although service was pretty slow so if you're looking for a quick bite for lunch, this definitely isn't the place. The good food and the amazing interior, however makes up for the slowness and plus, it's sometimes nice to enjoy long lunches if you've been walking around all day.


I know that this post is getting really long but can't do a restaurant recommendation post without including Bar Lobo. It was actually one of my friend's birthday when we were in Barcelona so we celebrated it at Lobo and loved it. It's close to MACBA and the Boqueria Market and a decent walk to Casa Batlló. I really loved the atmosphere of the restaurant that kind of gave off a chilled, summery vibe. If you ever visit, I'd recommend trying the tomatoes and mozzarella salad and the prawns. Seriously yum!