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Carsten Höller: Decision

Hayward Gallery always has the craziest exhibitions! By "crazy", I mean super fun, really interactive art and not crazy crazy. Last time, we went for the Martin Creed exhibition, "What's the point of it?" I think it was before we had this blog but there's a picture on my instagram and you've probably seen it all over social media last year where people could enter into a room full of white balloons and just play around in it.


Hope everyone's enjoying the beautiful London weather at the moment!! (no sarcasm intended - I'm surprised myself) We had a pretty hectic month so far as we have finally MOVED. Packing and unpacking was crazy and we also didn't have internet for a while so hope you guys understand the lack of posts here recently. 

Look Mum No Hands!

To be honest, I'm not really sure if LMNH is meant to have that exclamation mark but I've seen it there so I'm just going to stick with it. This café is on Old Street and I've been wanting to go for AGES because I see it all the time on my way to Shoreditch. I kind of felt like I didn't quite fit in here though because so many of its customers are cyclists and if anything, I only go to spin classes... Anyhow, I can imagine this café being a heaven for cyclists around London because they serve drinks and fix bikes at the same time! I just had a slice of cake when I was there but even that was amazing so I have high hopes for their pastries and hot food. Plus they have the cutest outdoor space with fairy lights and colourful seating areas for you to enjoy the sun!

Pangaea II

This is kind of a part two of the Saatchi blog post we did last week (click here). The Hermès Wanderland was installed on the second floor of the gallery, leaving the first and the third floor for Pangaea II. We had previously been to the first Pangaea series last summer (found here) which showed art from Africa and Latin America. If you don't remember it was the exhibition with the giant ant sculptures on the wall. So if my favourite was Casa Tomadad by Rafael Gómezbarros last time, this time I LOVED Jorge Mayet and Diego Mendoza Imbachi's works on landscape. 

Outfit: Jenny #3

Whoa is that actually the sun I see and feel on my skin? London, you've been so beautiful!! I LOVE that you can finally leave the house without wearing a coat and it's now acceptable to wear sunglasses pretty much anytime (I live in them). We kind of shot this outside the Saatchi on a whim because I was feeling happy because of the weather and I'm surprised how well it turned out (so modest of me!)

Hermès Wanderland

Walking in an Hermès Wanderland definitely did not disappoint (props to you if you sang a bit of winter wonderland with me there!) The whole of the second floor at the Saatchi was dedicated to this exhibition and we literally wandered around the rooms, admiring the installations. If being able to have a peek into the archives wasn't enough, everything was laid out so artistically. I wouldn't have expected less from Hubert Ie Gall anyway...

Post Pop: East meets West

On Sunday, Ashley and I strolled over to have a look at the newly opened exhibition, Post Pop: East meets West. This exhibition is an attempt to turn our attention away from well known artists and towards lesser known Pop Artists of the Soviet Union and Greater China. The usual numbered galleries were subdivided into different categories such as Habitat, Advertising and Consumerism, Religion and Politics across the whole three floors. If I were to pick the best part about this exhibition, I'd pick Wenda Gu's installation. This installation showcased different flags made entirely of human hair! Another favourite was the Habitat room where the monochrome colours surprised us as they're not something you usually associate with Pop Art. Ashley and I certainly enjoyed our time there and we recommend you guys go too! Plus it's on until February next year so plenty of time to get organising!

A good day consists of ...

Gallery visits and good food, obviously! Is it surprising that we're so into art since I study History and Ashley studies Computer Science? Don't think so. We've been exposed to different kinds of arts since we were very little and I'm glad we were. We both know how to play at least two instruments fluently (is that a word to describe your musical abilities as well as languages?), we've both taken Art GCSE and LOVE going to different museums and galleries in search for more art.