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Seoul Series #4

I'm getting good at posting regularly, aren't I? *pats self on the back* I finally sorted through some photos we took in Seoul over the Christmas holidays and here they are! 

Seoul Series #3

The third Seoul Series is a little bit more focused on different exhibitions and galleries we visited while in Seoul. Some of these are still on so and we encourage you to check them out if you're in Seoul!

Seoul Series #2

It's time for another Seoul Series! We've definitely missed out a couple of our old favourites in the previous blog post so thought should do a quick follow up to include our neglected favourites.

Seoul Series #1

Hey guys, we've decided to start a new series on our blog featuring our favourite places in Seoul since we think there's been a lack of love for Seoul here. Obviously we're not here all the time (maybe three months out of the year?) but want to document as many favourites as we can while we are here. Plus, this serves as a good excuse for us to go out and try more restaurants, museums and cafes so it's all for the better right?


I can't believe that we're already on week 3 of second term at uni! Time does fly, huh? Since I've been back, I've given multiple presentations and handed in three coursework already. I guess that's a pretty good explanation as to why this blog has been so quiet. I'm just quickly typing this post up to show you our visit to the National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art in Seoul. This is one of our favourite galleries in Seoul so hope you enjoy!

Linda McCartney

I've been in Korea for the past week for reading week and I can't believe it's already time for me to go back to university! As a last treat to myself, I visited Daelim Museum for the opening of 'Linda McCartney Retrospective' last Thursday.