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Yayoi Kusama & Jeff Koons

Okay, so my last post was on the 15th of April (the NYC guide if you haven't seen that yet!) and today is the 4rd of June which means I've basically been AWOL for almost two months. That's crazy and I apologise! Honestly, the NYC trip was basically the last fun thing I did before the exam-craze and panic settled in and I know I promised more posts from Seoul but I had to shorten my trip there to come back (to London) and finish my two dissertations and also was ill for the WHOLE WEEK. I spent most of my time in bed feeling sorry for myself but I did post some photos on instagram and so did Ashley if you wanna have a look (@jennyseong and @ashleyseong).

Lumiere Festival 2016 / Updates

I seriously cannot believe how fast the days go by and the fact that it's nearly February? Like, what? Anyhow, I wanted to do a quick update post to tell you what's been going on and what you can expect to see on this space in the coming weeks (or months, but ya know)

LV Series 3 / Mademoiselle Privé

I'm back with another exhibition post! Recently, I feel like there's been a ton of really good fashion exhibitions in London, starting with the Alexander McQueen exhibition at the V&A, following with Louis Vuitton's Series 3 exhibition and then Chanel's Mademoiselle Privé at the Saatchi. It's been a good couple of months London *claps*

Frieze London 2015

I'm making an effort to try and post here more often I really am! Here's the Frieze post as promised last week and instead of writing about it too much I'll just let the artwork speak for themselves... Hope you enjoy!

Brown's London Art Weekend 2015

Brown's London Art Weekend is literally one of our favourite times of the year. We kind of stumbled upon it last year while walking around mayfair - I just remember being handed a map of all the participating galleries and going around mayfair like an excited child on a treasure hunt. This year though, we put the dates in our planners in advance and made sure we'd be in London for it. Here are some photos we took during the weekend!

Outfit: Ashley #3

Hi everyone! Jenny shot these of my outfit while we were out "researching" and having pizza at Homeslice for our London guides coming soon on the blog. If that's the kind of research I get to do, then I really don't mind doing them! If anything, I prefer styling outfits for warmer weather so keep an eye out for more outfit posts from me :)