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Ashley and I are back from our trip to Marrakech and although we were grateful for some (or a lot of) sunshine, it is indeed nice to be back in London where it never really gets too hot. We put together a mini Marrakech guide below to provide a little info for those wishing to travel to Marrakech soon.

Horticultural Oasis

There has been a lack of food posts on here, am I right? We're actually working on a series of London guide, including top places to have afternoon tea. Of course Blakes Hotel is included in that list (and also on the list for places to stay in London) but since this was a special transformation of their courtyard by Matthew Williamson, we thought it definitely deserved a separate post. 

Look Mum No Hands!

To be honest, I'm not really sure if LMNH is meant to have that exclamation mark but I've seen it there so I'm just going to stick with it. This cafรฉ is on Old Street and I've been wanting to go for AGES because I see it all the time on my way to Shoreditch. I kind of felt like I didn't quite fit in here though because so many of its customers are cyclists and if anything, I only go to spin classes... Anyhow, I can imagine this cafรฉ being a heaven for cyclists around London because they serve drinks and fix bikes at the same time! I just had a slice of cake when I was there but even that was amazing so I have high hopes for their pastries and hot food. Plus they have the cutest outdoor space with fairy lights and colourful seating areas for you to enjoy the sun!

A good day consists of ...

Gallery visits and good food, obviously! Is it surprising that we're so into art since I study History and Ashley studies Computer Science? Don't think so. We've been exposed to different kinds of arts since we were very little and I'm glad we were. We both know how to play at least two instruments fluently (is that a word to describe your musical abilities as well as languages?), we've both taken Art GCSE and LOVE going to different museums and galleries in search for more art. 

Movies and Biscuits in Notting Hill

Electric Cinema is definitely our favourite cinema. Notice how we didn't say "one of our favourites", it IS our ultimate favourite. Situated in Notting Hill, it is known to be the leading independent cinema in the country. The velvet seats are all accompanied by leather foot rests which have cashmere blankets folded inside them. We get nachos fried chicken wings every time and they are literally to die for! We've also tried a couple of their cakes and they were amazing too so I guess you can't go wrong with the food choices here!

Afternoon Tea at Sketch

Those of you that know me will know that I love good scones. It's not surprising therefore that I also love afternoon tea. And is it a surprise that I love pink? So what could be better than having afternoon tea at Sketch where everything is pink! The artwork on the walls are by a British artist, David Shrigley, completely transforming the Gallery at Sketch.

Marrakech: Royal Mansour

This riad was like heaven for me. I've become obsessed with all thing Moroccan, especially their architecture and interior. I love their tiles and the different patterns (you'll be able to see my obsession in my "what I got in Marrakech" post soon!) I'd seen some travel bloggers Instagram the spa at this hotel and was so shocked that a place like Royal Mansour could exist. I think the word, beautiful, was made to describe places like this. I LOVE the idea of a riad - open ceiling and an indoor courtyard/fountain? What more could you want!

Marrakech: La Mamounia

Interesting fact: La Mamounia was Churchill's favourite hotel back in the day.

They have four restaurants in the hotel and while we wanted to go to the Moroccan one for dinner, we ended up at the Italian restaurant because our hotel had made reservations there instead. The food wasn't that special but after dinner, we went and sat at the candle-lit terrace outside and had some drinks. We also ended up having a mini "photo shoot" on our way back to the main entrance. The interior at this hotel was so stunning and fuelled my love for Moroccan interior and architecture.